Lleh: first mascot revealed!

Following your votes on instagram, we present you the first mascot: Lleh.

Lleh is a stubborn and bad-tempered goblin that didn't quite master his skills yet. He might seem like a bad asset for his team at first sight but Lleh can also be very useful. Although not adept with magic, the goblin is gifted with skill-born trickster capabilities that he seemed to have perfected in his own ways. He can camouflage himself and infiltrate the deepest and narrowest parts of dungeons, even though his horns stay visible (hence making his stealth only effective in the shadows)...
Lleh is also an exceptional fighter but quite a dangerous one, since he goes full berserk and has little to no care for his companions. It is important to note that the little goblin is only a part of the adventure “for the loot and the loot only”.

Mascot and artwork drawn by @simonheller 🧙🏻‍♂️

Love and healings,
The Healing Tales Guild 🗡