'MAGICKA': Birth of a Fantastic World


The land in which our four Healing Tales® mascots' adventures take place is known as "MAGICKA". The name conjures up a world where magic is constantly used and alters/shapes the fundamental rules of all living entities, both elemental and biological as well as societies and beliefs. 
Not only based on Healing Tales® own world, Magicka stands for a remembrance of the fantasy genre in general and within; any worlds occupied by heroes, wizards, dragons and all kinds of fantastic creatures or magic wielding beings.

AGE OF SILENCE: There was only Void prior to the realm's creation or "Silence" as the shamans and priests like to call it.

Two akin spiritual entities sprang from the abyss; they were equal and antithetical in every aspect. Heavens and Hells – The Holy and The Damned. These beings finally broke out of the immaterial Void and into the physical realm.

Each was endowed with tremendous godlike powers, allowing them to create a plethora of worlds in their very own image, which they inhabited with their own respective kin.

AGE OF ETERNAL CRUSADES: The High Heavens and the Burning Hells began to wage an eternal battle for anything within their respective realms of order and chaos.

Both sides were simultaneously stricken and blessed with immortality. The fallen winged warriors and chaos demons would resurrect one way or another as their numbers grew endlessly. All demons emerged from the same location - deep within the tormented pits of Hells - and if struck down by death, they would reform over time, namely from the Pit of Despair.

Both factions Heavens and Hells, Light and Darkness, fought each other unrelentingly. Various titan-Esque scenes erupted in bloody conflict, leaving wastelands in their wake, echoes of these once savage battlefronts. Both sides suffered greatly as a result of these never-ending wars, reaching near annihilation where numbers fell below the thousands and even in rare cases below the hundreds.

It was not uncommon for one faction to gain a temporary significant strategic advantage over the other, but it was never long before the balance of war forced the opposing faction to launch an efficient counter-attack and reclaim the ever-fluctuating tide.

The scale and magical powers used during these battles were of such massive scale that some of the planets they had built were left destroyed to their core. 

The Eternal Crusade lasted an awfully long time before finally coming to an end. The forces of Order in Heavens acknowledged a dramatic way to end the conflicts. Like the two sides of a coin, and just as a shadow cannot exist without a light source, if one side disappeared, the other would as well.

The Heavens decided to put an end to it, forcing all angels to sacrifice themselves in a decisive/climactic showdown. This cataclysmic event wiped out both factions as well as 90 percent of the world.

AGE OF REBIRTH: “MAGICKA”: Only one planet remained, on the verge of annihilation, as it had become countless times a ruined battleground or even occupied by the burning Hells. With the strongest grip, the planet's magical core clenched to life. It took eons for the planet to recover from its inability to support life, and the very first elemental creatures appeared, followed by organic beings.


The debut adventures of our four mascots: Eligarf, Ylgu, Zorg and Lleh which takes place on the planet Magicka, realm of Elisya; is available in our latest publication "Healing Tales® Magazine - Issue 02".
The 'MAGICKA' Collection is releasing internationally Friday 29th October 2021.

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