Coming Soon: HT Magazine Issue 02

Attention to all warriors, hunters, wizards (and warlocks ofc)!
Our second issue of "Healing Tales Magazine" is about to release from the void! We have decided to release the "Magicka" capsule collection at the same time: end of June.

Cover art and design by Simon Heller @simonheller

• 7 First chapters of HT Adventures: Heroes of Uncanny
• Interview with Out Of Season @outofseasonlabel - Dungeon Synth Label
• Special access to Virtual Art Gallery
• A2 HQ Poster from artist EEJUAN
• 65+ Legendary Artworks

The following artists will be featured:
Lisa Signorini @lilisignorini , Maxime Huot @chevalierperdu , Matt Houston @mg.houston , Mathias Martinez @mathias___martinez , Karl Froye @karlfroye , Arthur Jadot @nimsaj_ruecoud , MORIR @m.o.r.i.r_ , Paqaru @paqaru , Eejuan @_eejuan , Ivan Aceves @lustinhale , Em Union @em.union , Jake Terrel @jake.terrell , Oasis of Hate @oasis_of_hate .