Healing Tales welcomes new mascots

Heroes, here’s another announcement!
In order to add consistency and relevant narration, we have decided to create and incorporate 4 new mascots to Healing Tales. We have always wanted to add the right mascot to the brand, but we thought it made more sense to create a whole team similar to RPGs (even a mage in vanilla cannot clear Naxxramas alone).
We will “unlock”/unveil them over the next weeks along with their respective information such as special traits, abilities and short background.
Designed by Simon Heller (@simonheller ); the four characters will be present alongside the new garments, accessories, stories and novels for the up-coming magazines, and more!
We sincerely hope you will like them as much as we do and get familiar with them. We will strenghten their personalities through the tales of their adventures and develop them with time.
Love and healings,
The Healing Tales Guild 🗡
 Healing Tales - Locked Mascots "Select a hero"