Healing Tales Library coming soon!

We are proud to announce that we are putting in place the official Healing Tales library, starting from the 29th of December!

As we already support the works of graphic artists through the HT magazine, we wanted to do more by linking the written works of our fellow story writers whomst are the atcual pillars of the Fantasy genre.
On HT Library you will find stories from different authors that can take form of any of the following formats: Books, Novels, Tales, Flash Novels and also Poems and Poetry.
In addition to have a place for us to expose our novels such as Arkadia’s Shadow and HT Adventures, just like for the Magazine, the aim is to promote the works of artists that we love, and also for them (you) to have a platform to display and easily find such content on the Fantasy genre.

Thus, from now on we will be accepting submissions from your written works. If you would like to have your work on the official Healing Tales Library: feel free to contact us!

Let’s keep the dream on heroes. Through our imagination and collective work we shall keep the very foundation of core fantasy alive and strong.

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