Ylgu: second mascot revealed!

We present you the second mascot: Ylgu a.k.a “The Rampart” (with whom you got a bit familiar already through our new profile picture and website’s web icon).

Ylgu is a fierce, skilful warrior who only listens to his cousins Zorg. He is an ambidextrous versatile fighter who uses blunt force rather than strategy and tactics; talented in both close-range and long-range, Ylgu is able to hit a moving target kilometers/miles away from his location.

Although Ylgu does not appear to be a magic-user, he seems to be generating an infinite amount of spears, by just sliding his hand in his cloak. Either he holds an -absolutely- incredible amount of spears beneath his cloak (which is less probable), either his telepathic powers are so strong that he “creates” the spears by simply -stubbornly- thinking that another one is there ready for him to grab. In addition to this mystery, when he enters the state of “Hangry” (hungry and angry), his long-range spear throws draw the effectiveness on impact proportional to terribly immense high velocity projectiles.

Due to his imposing morphology, Ylgu is able to take the role of "Off-Tank"; helping his cousin Zorg when overwhelmed in splitting some of the damage and aggro: coming in very useful to the group. Apart from that, “The Rampart” spends literally 100% of his time sharpening the edges of his spear in total silence when he is not hungry and/or looking for his next meal.

Mascot and artwork drawn by @simonheller 🧙🏻‍♂️

Love and healings,
The Healing Tales Guild 🗡

Ylgu Description

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