About Healing Tales

Founded in 2018, Healing Tales stands for the awakening of the fantasy universe. We produce clothing and accessories as well magazine, novels and many more while maximizing on quality, making our productions particularly limited. We take inspiration from both fictional tales and real-world historical archives. 

The label borrows its aesthetics mainly from video games, specifically role playing games, that evoke a strong feeling of nostalgia. Through careful curation, we connect with highly talented up-and-coming artists from around the world who share our passion for the fantasy genre.
We collaborate with artists from all around the world to contribute to our eerie aesthetic and to build a community of like-minded spirits.

To us at Healing Tales, we strongly believe that the fantasy universe is the ultimate outlet for human imagination, spanning all time periods, histories, planets, and galaxies. As human beings, our consciousness makes us think about an infinite amount of questions left unanswered. While humanity discovers answers to some of these questions through progress in science and technology, everything else without a rational explanation is left to our imagination.

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