Healing Tales

Healing Tales® Magazine - Issue 02

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Healing Tales® Magazine is back with a new issue! This issue consists of artworks that greatly inspired us and much more!

Cover art and design by our beloved wizard Simon Heller.

• Provides the owner with a bonus +100 intellect
• Dive into the world of "Magicka" with the 7 first chapters of HT Adventures: Heroes of Uncanny
• Interview with Out Of Season - Dungeon Synth Label
• A2 High Quality Poster featuring artwork from artist EEJUAN and original Healing Tales® graphic
• 65+ Legendary Artworks from 14 different artists
(• Special bonus/secret access to Virtual Art Gallery)

Features the following artists:
Lisa Signorini, Maxime Huot, Matt Houston, Mathias Martinez, Karl Froye, Arthur Jadot, MORIR, Paqaru, Eejuan, Ivan Aceves, Em Union, Jake Terrel, Oasis of Hate